Personal Training

I’m a level III qualified Personal Trainer with a Biochemistry degree and 18 years’ experience working with people of all ages, abilities and goals.

Working with different abilities

Personal training is geared towards achieving specific goals and I devise a programme based on the physical condition, age, experience and activity of each client. 

I work with people of all abilities - some haven’t done any exercise in years, whilst others are serious competitors who want to improve their performance. I’ve worked with;

  • Men and women from teenager to pensioner.

  • Complete beginner and serious competitor.

  • Marathon runners, Cyclists, Triathletes and Ironman competitors.

  • Tennis, Rugby and Football players.

  • Golfers, Athletes, a British Junior fencer and ‘The Face of Marks & Spencer’s.’

  • Women with osteoporosis and arthritis, hip replacement patients, people with scoliosis, those with muscle imbalance, poor core stability or reduced flexibility/mobility.

Working within boundaries

All my programmes are designed to get the best results, whilst considering the individual. As an athlete myself, I’m aware of how injuries can be caused, so my programmes always place health and wellbeing ahead of a ‘no pain no gain’ approach. 

A common requirement I see is to manage back, shoulder and neck pain and improve posture and core stability.  I have personal and professional experience in this, as I suffered from a lower back injury in my late teens, and for several years I ran a chronic back pain exercise clinic at Andover Hospital, working with the physiotherapy department. This was very successful in getting people back to work and improving their quality of life. 

To find out more, please get in touch and we can arrange a free initial discussion either at Malvern Active or somewhere convenient for you.

Whatever your goals, I can help.

Cuth's story


"On the advice of a friend, I engaged Sarah as my personal trainer in May 2012. My objectives were to get fit for a 3 day Coast to Coast cycle ride and to improve my flexibility. Sarah's training methods are based on heart rate management and, given how fit I felt after completing the Coast to Coast ride, I can confirm her methods are extremely effective. Add to that Sarah's irrepressible, upbeat character and I would, without hesitation, recommend her to anyone who wants focused help in achieving their fitness objectives."

Cuth McDowell

Louise's story


"I met Sarah through her exercise classes and have always been impressed by her professionalism and her cheerful, positive nature.  I mentioned a shoulder problem to her which I'd struggled with for 18 months.  2 simple exercises and 2 weeks later it was sorted!  That made me decide to approach Sarah for some personal training. 

After 3 months combining gym work with my other activities, I've lost weight and inches and feel much fitter. It is very much Personal training with Sarah, she's a good listener and is ready to change my programme if it’s not suiting me, although she always expects a good level of effort."

Louise Jelley