Your body is a sophisticated machine and I'll show you how to take better care of it. 

e microbiome is the key to good physical and mental health.

The microbiome is the key to good health. 

  • Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight?

  • Do you suffer from IBS, bloating or acid reflux?

  • Are you living with ‘brain fog’, low mood or anxiety?

  • Do you get regular headaches, chronic migraines, restless leg syndrome or muscle cramps?

  • Are your energy levels low and sleep patterns erratic?

  • Are your hormones all over the place?

  • Do you crave sugar or chocolate?.

If the answer to any of these is yes, then your gut health is below par and your microbiome has been depleted or forced out of balance by poor diet, alcohol, stress, trauma, sleep deprivation or medication.

Resetting the health of the gut can eradicate these symptoms without the need for the medication.  Tackling the problem at the source will get rid of it rather than masking it with drugs, which can often have unpleasant side effects.


Pure 21 is a three week course of clean eating, supplementation, motivation and support, aimed at changing habits which have formed over many years, and it is the only programme of its kind clinically proven to improve gut health. Formulated in the Hughes Centre, Salt Lake City, the supplements are organic, vegetarian and of the highest quality, undergoing rigorous testing at every stage in the production process.


Being a scientist and a sceptic myself, I trialled the programme before it was released in the UK in Autumn 2016. The results I personally achieved convinced me of its value;

  • My energy levels increased dramatically.

  • My quality of sleep is better than ever.

  • I lost 3” around my waist.

  • My migraines disappeared and I feel great and smile more!

Pure 21will help to improve your health, both physical and mental. Contact me to arrange a free phone consultation to discuss your particular case.

Barbara's story


"For two years I suffered from bloating, headaches, tiredness and menopausal symptoms. The Purify Programme and nutritional advice from Sarah made these go away. I've now changed my whole attitude to food and exercise. I've lost weight and have no bloating, headaches or hot flushes."

Barbara Bayly


Petra's Story


"Sarah introduced me to the Pure 21 programme and gave me sound nutritional advice. This changed my diet and helped me to keep my focus during the 21 days and beyond. Since then her advice on nutrition and exercise has turned my life around! I recommend anyone who needs wellbeing help, to use her services."

Petra Bryce