Employee Wellbeing

Happy, healthy people are more productive. They get more from life and you get more from them!

e microbiome is the key to good physical and mental health.

Are you a small business or school looking to provide a wellbeing package for your employees but don’t know where to start or all you can find are big companies offering EAPs to big corporations at huge cost?

  • You know the cost to your business of absenteeism due to stress, depression, neck and back pain, chronic illnesses such as cancer and autoimmune conditions.

  • You understand the reduced productivity resulting from a workforce who are living with below par mental and physical health.

  • Your company is struggling with retention and staff are demotivated and fatigued.

    We can’t get rid of the stress out of people’s lives, but we can give them tools to overcome its effect on their everyday health.

Here’s where I can help. 

With almost 20 years’ experience as a personal trainer, 8 years as an optimum health specialist and a Biochemistry degree, I have worked with clients who have succumbed to the symptoms of 21st century living and given them their lives back using a scientific approach to their health and wellbeing.  

Wellbeing in the Workplace

A 2.5Hr presentation to your employees or teachers on the science behind stress and how it contributes to common symptoms and everyday illnesses which they may be experiencing, followed up with techniques and strategies for changing simple aspects of their lifestyle to combat these symptoms and avoid chronic ailments.

Internal Age Testing for Employees

Internal or biological age is based on arterial stiffness and can be measured using the Tamah Systems Vital Vision Arterial Test device, a class II clinical device approved by the FDA and used by cardiologists in both the USA and Europe.   Arterial stiffness increases naturally with age, but is accelerated by poor lifestyle, including inactivity, stress, poor diet and reduced sleep, and is an early indicator of potential risk of heart disease and susceptibility to other 21st century chronic illness.  I offer 30 minute tests for employees at the end of which they receive a print out of their results with some simple strategies for improving their score through lifestyle changes.

The test can be repeated after 4 months to determine how changes they have implemented have affected their overall health.

Wellbeing Packages

Bespoke packages can be designed specifically for your school or business’s needs. By offering your staff an initial internal age consultation then providing them with an understanding of how they can improve their health by reducing the effects of stress on their bodies through the Wellbeing in the Workplace presentation, you really can change their lives for the better.

I can offer four 28 day challenges following on from the Wellbeing in the Workplace talk to take your staff forwards with positive steps to health. Showing employees how small changes in their lifestyle can make tangible differences to how they feel on the outside and understanding what is going on on the inside, can really encourage them to continue, especially if others in their team or office are experiencing similar improvements. There is nothing like a bit of healthy competition and team spirit to elicit change!

Completing the process with a further internal age test at the end of the four months of challenges will prove to those who have taken part just how effective these little steps can be in not only making them feel better, but actually making them healthier on the inside.

Individuals who may have more complicated health issues or would like more information and help with their overall health are always welcome to have a consultation, either at their own expense or provided by their employee, to discuss how they can improve things through specific changes to their nutrition, exercise and daily routine. I use Synergy Worldwide’s supplements and the Pure 21 programme with individuals to improve their gut health and the balance of their microbiome, which is central to all aspects of both physical and mental health.

By offering a wellbeing programme, you get a happier and healthier workforce with reduced costs and your workforce get a happier and healthier life both in and out of work!  

When employees feel part of a caring company, loyalty and staff retention soars.